Military Jackets and How They Became Mainstream

Military Jackets and How They Became Mainstream

Jackets have changed a lot throughout history. The ones you’re used to seeing noware very different than the ones people wore centuries back. During the 1800s, jacketswerepopular among middle-class men. These were single-breasted lounge jackets that had small revers and pockets on the waist. By the end of the 19th century, they became a staple atdinner parties as part of a formal suit, which eventually came to be known as tuxedos.

Today, the term”jacket”is used for a wider range of clothing and no longer just for a garment associated with formal gatherings. From a sophisticated blazer to a casual hoodie, “jacket”became an umbrella term for many variants. Interestingly, the jacket also made its way into the military as an important utility garment.

Marine Jacket

One example is the standard-issuemilitary jacket used by the US Army: the M-1965 field jacket. As its name says, it was first introduced during the ’60s. This jacket featured a normal hip length and had a hood that could be rolled back into a pouch. It also had a button-in insulation lining that helped soldiers in the frontlines endure cold weather.

Overtime, this jacket became available to civilians for everyday wear. Many custom clothing manufacturers in New York altered the original silhouette and produced many designs based on the original product.

Air Force Jacket

Flight jackets or bomber jackets were introduced during the First World War. These garments became a necessity for pilots because most cockpits were not enclosed during that time. The jackets were used to keep them warm while flying at high altitudes.

The classic design of flight jackets was made from thick sheepskin with fur lining up to the collar. Technological advancements by custom apparel manufacturers in New York led to the switch to nylon since it was lighter, more versatile, and water resistant yet still provided much-needed warmth.

Like the M-1965, the flight jackets were also adopted by many people,and they were eventually deemed fashionable. This stylish jacket reached the height of its popularity during the ’70s as part of the punk and streetwear subcultures.

It’s amazing how society turned these jackets that were originally made for utility into fashion staples. Today, many custom clothing manufacturers in New York continue to produce other styles by changing the color palette and using new materials.