What Are the Best Metals for Nose Piercings?

What Are the Best Metals for Nose Piercings?

Nose piercing is part of traditional culture and it became very popular in the recent decades. As it is regarded as a symbol of fashion both men and women love to pierce their nose. You can find several types of nose piercing made with different materials in various latest styles.

Generally, piercing is not harmful but some of the metals used in making a nose piercing may cause toxic or harmful reactions on your skin like allergies, irritation, etc. To avoid these problems, you have to choose nose rings made with the high-quality metal.

While purchasing a jewelry item, you have to make sure of two factors, that is, infection and allergic reactions caused by that particular material. With this, you can reduce the discomfort and health risks.

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Here we provide information on safe and unsafe metals for nose piercing that help you in making the right decision.

Safe Metals for Nose Piercing

Surgical Stainless Steel – This is one of the most popular kind of nose piercing because it is hypoallergenic, safe, and affordable too. There are numerous types of surgical stainless-steel nose rings available in stores but the best choices are 316L and 316 LVM. It contains only a small quantity of nickel, so it is even suitable for a very sensitive skin perfectly.

Titanium – Titanium is the most popular metal used to make many jewelry items, but you have to purchase a certified titanium nose piercing. That is, implant titanium G23 or certified implant titanium.

If you are looking for a safe nose jewel that lasts for a long time then it is the best choice, because it is scratch-resistant, lightweight, and timeless. Titanium nose rings are little expensive when compared to others.

In addition to these, there are other safest metals including Gold, Niobium, and more. Avoid using gold plated nose jewel because they may cause allergic reactions or infection. Also, they are not durable and discolor faster than other material.

Unsafe Metal Rings for Nose

Nylon and Plastic – These two materials are very soft and delicate, so it will be difficult to clean them. If they are not handled properly, they may break easily. Also, they absorb the fluid, which supports for the development of harmful bacteria. In case you need a comfortable nose piercing it’s good to stay away from both of them.

Sterling Silver – It is a mixture of other composite materials that may affect the nose piercing healing process. Moreover, silver stains itself and your skin when it gets mix with the natural fluid such as sweat produced by your body.

By choosing a good quality nose piercing you can make your experience an easy one. It’s a good idea to purchase durable and bio-compatible material from the best store as per your taste and budget.