How to Align Your Ecommerce Packaging with Your Company Values

How to Align Your Ecommerce Packaging with Your Company Values

When using durable packaging materials, the unpacking experience should be a primary consideration. Three simple considerations for beauty businesses to keep in mind when considering packaging materials:

  1. Packaging that protects the product (no damage)
  2. Packaging that promotes your product (in line with company values)
  3. Packaging that provides a memorable unboxing experience (end of life packaging material)

Sustainable packaging makes it easy to recycle or compost to reduce environmental damage.

You can stop your search for sustainable packaging – FunPak offers all of the above. FunPak is biodegradable, certified compostable and safely protects your products from damage, making a very strong environmental impression with your customers – a win-win. Your team can be confident that they have obtained the best packaging option for your organization.

FunPak ticks all the boxes for your organization’s enduring values. First of all, it is made from plants! Second, it dissolves in water. Finally, it is safe for soil, waterways and our planet. You will never find a FunPak washed up on a beach or hanging from a tree branch. FunPak is Mother Nature’s packaging.

When asked how we communicate about FunPak disposal, we like to say “Just Add Water”. It is one of the only protective packaging products on the market that easily dissolves in water. FunPak helps you create positive engagement and interaction with your customers by educating them on how to dispose of packaging responsibly through insert cards or QR codes printed on the carton, thereby building customer loyalty to the brand.

FunPak has been proven to protect better than other types of packaging. The shapes aren’t just fun, they’re also functional, interlocking to form a tight, secure package to ensure products don’t shift during transit. The memory of FunPak’s cushioning characteristics exceeds test standards.

FunPak helps brands create surprising and delightful unboxing moments without consumer feedback. From fully custom options to our library of standard shapes like hearts, stars, alphabets, clouds, teardrops, leaves and dog bones to holiday themed shapes, we make your packaging memorable . Social media influencers love FunPak and often include product elimination in the content they create, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to sustainability.