Fortnite Unveils Ali-A Icon Series Cosmetics

Fortnite Unveils Ali-A Icon Series Cosmetics

One of the oldest fortnite content creators, Ali-A received the latest Icon Series cosmetics today. The Youtuber is often known for his edgy intro music, and the dinosaur meme Diplodocus is set to join Chica and other top content creators like Loserfruit, Ninja, Lachlan, TheGrefg, Lazarbeam, and Bugha as another addition to fortnite Icon series.

The YouTuber dropped a teasing yesterday wearing his iconic Guild cosmetic and saying goodbye to the fans. He also said he would look different when he returned today, hinting at his Icon Series cosmetic in fortnite.

He revealed his cosmetic on the fortnite Creative card with his fans. The Ali-A cosmetic will feature eight styles, starting with Ali-A’s default style and including her Elevated, Matroix, and Ultra-Armor Matroix styles.

In addition to these, Ali-A took inspiration from the light styles of the game’s rare Omega skin. He urged the developers to incorporate four different lighting options into the styles of his cosmetics. These are the default blue, green, purple, and gold, named Rare Reaper, Uncommon Combat, Epic Insurgent, and Legendarian respectively.

In his Icon Series reveal video, he mentioned that he had been working with the developers to bring the cosmetic to fruition for over a year. He is also the first fortnite content creator to receive a glider as a whole Icon Series. In addition to the Ali-Tech Plasmawings Glider, fans can purchase the Ali-Tech Staff Pickaxe, Ali-Tech Backplate, and Blue A Wrap, which makes the icon set one of a kind.

His Lil’ Diplodoculus emote represents his iconic fortnite intro for his first YouTube videos, and he is seen riding the Diplodocus dinosaur, a community meme. The Ali-A set is priceless at the time of writing, but with the wide variety of styles it offers players, it might be more expensive than others.

Players will have the option to get the cosmetic for free or earn eight points to secure the Ali-A emote during the Ali A Cup on May 18. Apart from that, players can also visit his creative map and complete the Ali-A themed quest. (island code: 5135-8778-2901) to win an exclusive “Ali-A was here” spray.