Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass: All Skins, Tiers & Cosmetics

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass: All Skins, Tiers & Cosmetics

We’re 20 seasons into Fortnite at this point, and 20 Battle Passes deep. We’ve seen hundreds of skins come and go with varying degrees of originality. Some are still in Battle Royale to this day while others are gathering dust in a crowded locker.

Not all Fortnite skins are created equal. Today we take a look at tier 100 Fortnite skins and rank them from worst to best. Let us know your opinions in the comments!

20. Doctor Strange: Chapter 3 Season 2

This may come as a shock as Marvel skins tend to rank very high, but we’re on a three season streak of tier 100 Marvel skins. It’s getting old and this one isn’t exactly great.

Doctor Strange feels like he should have gotten the Superman treatment, not the Spider-Man. Also, they didn’t use Benedict Cumberbatch’s face, which makes the skin even less exciting to unlock.

19. Vendetta: Season 9

The Vendetta is one of the least popular level 100 skins of the bunch. The non-updated version is lame and the last step leaves a lot to be desired.

This was one of the least inspired level 100 skins, in my opinion. He doesn’t look very good either, which is why he is placed at the bottom of our ranking.

18. Ice King: Season 7

The Ice King is a skin you’ll almost never see in a modern Fortnite match. It’s not the ugliest skin we’ve gotten as a level 100 reward, but it’s close.

The reason it’s so low, however, has to do with the size. This skin is massive and clumsy, making you feel like an easy target when wearing it.

17. Ultima Knight: Season X

The Ultima Knight is simply an addition to the OG Black Knight which ranks much higher on this list. He’s a poor man’s black knight and everyone knows it.

Not only is the skin not original, but it’s big and clunky when you file it down. Anyone who already owns the Black Knight will not launch this version into battle

16. Say: Season 6

The Dire skin is one of the coolest skin concepts Epic has added as a level 100 skin. The Werewolf skin, while interesting, is probably among the least popular skins you’ll see in the game.

The base skin is boring and the upgraded version is too big – two ingredients that lead to ranking in the bottom half.

15. Carnage: Chapter 2 Season 8

Despite being cross-skinned, Carnage is pretty forgettable. With Season 8 being the Chapter 2 finale, Cube Queen’s secret skin was more iconic than the Symbiote. It’s big and bulky, and downright ugly.

14. Ragnarok: Season 5

The Ragnarok skin sits right in the middle of the pack. It’s not horrible, but it’s not great either. The enhanced skin is a bit busy for my liking, so I take it all off and roll with the topless balding man.

13. Fusion: Chapter 2, Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 2’s Fusion is decent but relatively boring. You’d be hard pressed to find a player still sporting this skin – especially since there were much better options within the same Battle Pass.

I had this one at the top of my original ranking (from C2S1) but time brought it down to just inside the top 10.

12. Rick Sanchez: Chapter 2 Season 7

Being able to play the role of Rick Sanchez is pretty cool as he is the most iconic character from one of the most popular animated series in recent history. Its unique cellular shaded style sets it apart from other skins, and its smug look makes every kill feel like a walk in the park.

Rick is lower on the list due to his lack of usefulness and his inevitable fall in popularity within a few seasons. His cartoon style makes him stand out like a sore thumb in the game. His head is a massive target. And players will probably only use this skin for the next season.

11. Omega: Season 4

Omega skin suffers from many problems like other skins of the lower half: it is not athletic. This is until you remove all armor from the outfit.

I rock this stripped skin, just like I prefer Ragnarok skin. It looks sleeker and fresher this way, in my opinion. The basic Omega skin puts it in the top 10, especially since you can change the color of the lite version.

10. Mandalorian: Chapter 2 Season 5

It might be a controversial placement, but I’m not a big fan of the Mandalorian skin. Fans of the show will probably like it more, but that didn’t really do it for me.

Sure, the customization options are there, but you’ll never go back to pre-upgraded armor like you might with some of the other tier 100 skins. Baby Yoda is a hit, but Mando’s skin leaves a lot to be desired .

9. Luxury: Season 8

Luxe has long been the number one level 100 skin in my book. It’s one of the only level 100 skins I still wear regularly when playing Fortnite, and one of only two female skins in the bunch.

The real reason this one ranks so well is the back bling. These golden wings are at least the second best back bling reward in any Battle Pass.

8. Grim Reaper: Season 3

For some, the Reaper will be a number one Tier 100 Battle Pass skin. I understand this argument, but I never liked it myself.

There were a few bugs during Season 3 that caused Epic to give everyone several Battle Pass tiers for free. The result was that almost everyone who purchased the Season 3 Battle Pass got the Reaper skin, which is one of the reasons I never really liked it.

Despite my personal bias, I recognize that Season 3 was the golden age of Fortnite and this skin brings back the thrills. He deserves a place in the top five.

7. Spire Assassin: Chapter 2 Season 6

The Spire Assassin jumped straight into the top five of my rankings. This skin is one of the best to release in all of Chapter 2. You look like a dominating force when clad in his full armor.

It’s always hard to rank up a skin while the season is in progress, but I bet Spire Assassin will be a common sight on Fortnite Island long after Season 6 is over.

6. Eternal Knight: Chapter 2, Season 3

The Eternal Knight is a strong contender for the best level 100 skin in Fortnite history. All of the variations are cool and unique, and the customizable pickaxe is another strong point in favor of the outfit.

With only a few others on this list, the Eternal Knight is still a common sight on Fortnite Island. As long as players are still wearing the skin, it deserves a high spot on this list.

5. Midas: Chapter 2, Season 2

Midas remains a favorite for many Fortnite players, whether you use his Ghost, Shadow, or all-gold version.

Midas skin is the best of both worlds. He’s slim, which means he doesn’t take up much of your screen, but he’s still a cool and interesting character whose outfit goes well with lots of different combinations.

4. Darth Vader: Chapter 3 Season 3

I know, I know… Chapter 3 Season 3 may be the fourth season in a row that Fortnite’s level 100 skin was a crossover character. But it’s Darth Vader!

Star Wars fans and Fortnite players have been waiting for the famous Sith Lord to make an appearance in Fortnite since their first collaboration a long, long time ago. This skin is iconic and well-designed, and people will be rocking this Jedi for a long time.

3. Iron Man: Chapter 2 Season 4

Come on, it’s Iron Man. That’s how you do a level 100 crossover skin, and The Mandalorian was a huge step down from Tony Stark the previous season.

With a single skin, you get both Iron Man and Tony Stark – which you can switch between the two in-game. If you’ve upgraded the Battle Pass, you can also play as Gold, Silver or Holographic Iron Man / Tony Stark. It’s hard to see this as anything other than a top notch skin.

2. Spider-Man: Chapter 3 Season 1

Wow, who would have guessed that one of the most beloved crossover skins would come in at number 2. Previously owned by Iron-Man, it makes sense that Peter Parker would eventually take his place.

What doesn’t he like about himself? It’s clean, slick, and has some of the best alternative styling to date. Even his lit variant skins look phenomenal, which is something that can’t be said for most level 100 skins.

1. Dark Knight: Season 2

I know I know. The Dark Knight is technically not a tier 100 skin. It is an end tier Battle Pass skin though, so it’s worth including in this list.

The Dark Knight is the classic. It’s the OG. Wearing one of these skins doesn’t mean you’re good, but it does Is means you have been playing the game for a long time.

The Black Knight takes the top spot because it’s one of the best looking end level skins we’ve ever received. It’s not my favorite, but it has some significance for OG Fortnite players.

What is your number one level 100 Fortnite skin? Let us know in the comments.