12 skin and Hair Care Deals To Buy Now

12 skin and Hair Care Deals To Buy Now

Fall is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing: the holidays will be here before you even have the chance to tire of your pumpkin and spice lattes. And as usual, Amazon was the first to post its vacation deals, encouraging customers to start shopping with some awesome deals. Among them is Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul, which just updated with new skin and hair care offerings over the weekend.

Save on brands like Ghd, Foreo, and PMD at Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul event.

While Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul will be live until October 25, these offers are only valid until October 23, so you’ll need to act quickly. Over the next few days, the retail giant will be offering limited-time markdowns on products from popular beauty brands like Foreo, Ghd and PMD. Below we have selected a list of 12 must-see offers.

Our Amazon Holiday Beauty Haul selections

The Brush That Broke the Internet

After selling worldwide in just two weeks when it was launched, the Ghd Glide Hot Smoothing Brush has been dubbed “the brush that broke the internet”. And it has remained popular ever since. This brush features a combination of short and long bristles that detangle, shape and style dry hair for a smooth finish. According to reviews, its powerful ceramic technology allows it to smooth even the most curly strands.

This Celebrity-Approved Skin Care Device

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a personal favorite of none other than Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham, so we’re on board too. With eight adjustable intensities and 8,000 T-sonic beats per minute, this skin care device removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes all traces of makeup, turning your skin from dull to dynamite underneath. 1 minute.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style + Styling Iron

Whether you are looking for sleek, straight hair or loaded with voluminous curls, this unique hair tool could be the answer. This flat iron heats up quickly (it can go from 0 to 410 degrees in 60 seconds) and not to get too technical, but it is designed with far infrared technology to lock in moisture and loaded with overcharged negative ions that control the heat. Static frizz for smooth, shiny hair.

PMD Personal Microderm Classic Home Microdermabrasion Machine

Want a softer and brighter complexion? Then you might want to get the PMD Personal Microderm Classic while it is at 30% off. This at-home microdermabrasion tool uses PMD’s patented rotating discs encrusted with aluminum oxide crystals to gently exfoliate your skin, much like an in-office treatment. According to the brand, the tool can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, and even out your skin tone and texture in as little as eight weeks.

Award Winning Hair Dryer from Ghd

If you’re looking for a hair salon enthusiast for the holidays, get the Ghd Air Hair Dryer during Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul. With advanced ionic technology, this hair dryer promises quick drying, quick styling and minimal frizz. And given that he’s won over 250 beauty awards around the world, it looks like he’s up to the job.

This retro razor with modern technology

Part of the Heritage series from Remington, this rotary shaver has a throwback feel with many modern technologies. Lift Logic Foils with a multi-directional pattern catches even the shortest hairs growing from multiple angles, a pop-up trimmer details facial hair and sideburns and the wet-dry design gives you great flexibility.

Ghd’s Heat Protectant Spray That Does Not Weigh Hair Down

If you style your hair regularly in heat, remember the cardinal rule: protect your hair before blowing it up with heat. For this purpose, take a bottle of Heat Protect Spray from Ghd. This lightweight formula protects your hair from harmful heat, and reviews say it does so without weighing your hair down.

This High-Tech Face Mask

The Foreo UFO uses cutting edge technology to boost your at-home facials. It helps the active ingredients of the mask to penetrate deep below the skin surface by heat therapy to open the pores. The device also uses cryotherapy to shrink pores and reduce puffiness, and LED light to decrease signs of aging and firm the skin. Plus, the process of using the UFO is super calming.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Unclipped Ceramic Curling Wand

Whether you are looking for a tool that can create beach waves or tight curls, this Paul Mitchell curling wand is for you. It comes with three interchangeable ceramic barrels to help you achieve different looks, and the clip-less styling prevents that telltale crease.

An everyday skin care device for men

Foreo’s skincare devices aren’t just for women, and to prove it, the brand released the Luna 3 Men. It works much the same as the original version of the device, however, removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to prevent breakouts. Plus, it’s a great way to prep your skin before shaving; it helps reduce ingrown hairs, prevents razor burn and can double the life of your razor blades.

This Light Styling Cream

To tame unruly curls or to give your straight blowout a smoother finish, go for Straight & Tame Cream from Ghd. The formula protects your hair from harmful heat, in addition to being light and non-sticky.

A Smart Skin Care Device

Using special SonicGlow and ActiveWarmth technologies, this facial cleansing device removes dirt and oil from pores deeply and paves the way for better product absorption. It even has a built-in rose quartz stone that targets inflammation, and it’s gentle enough for all skin types.